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Contacting NoiseMeters

United Kingdom

Telephone: 0845 680 0312
Email: info@noisemeters.co.uk
Fax: 0845 680 0316

Head Office and Showroom
NoiseMeters Limited
7 Jayes Park
Ockley, Surrey
United Kingdom

North America

Telephone: 888 206 4377
Fax: 888 584 2230

Head Office
NoiseMeters Inc.
3233 Coolidge Hwy
MI 48072

Texas Warehouse
NoiseMeters Inc.
1321 Upland Drive, #2174
TX 77043

Worldwide Export

Telephone: +44 8456 80 03 12
Email: info@noisemeters.com
Fax: +44 8456 80 03 16

NoiseMeters Limited exports to all parts of the world, offering quick delivery, usually by FedEx Express service or DHL. We can usually provide a door to door service, but in some parts of the world import duty and local taxes will be due when the goods arrive.

Please contact us for more information.

About NoiseMeters

With offices in the UK and the USA, NoiseMeters has been supplying noise monitoring systems for over 15 years. Our sales and development engineers have been working in this business for even longer and we are happy to offer advice about the best system for you.

You can see our wide range of hand-held sound level meters and noise dosimeters on our main product web site www.noisemeters.com.

NoiseMeters Limited

Registered in the UK, NoiseMeters Limited has offices in Surrey and North Yorkshire.

NoiseMeters Inc

Registered in Houston, Texas, NoiseMeters Inc has an office in Berkley, Michigan.

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