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LiveNoise Reporter
LiveNoise Reporter
LiveNoise ReporterChart of AlarmsWeekly Noise Summary
  • View measurements that were downloaded using Supervisor
  • Produce daily, weekly, monthly or custom period noise reports
  • Produce reports of high noise level alarms
  • Charts of daily noise levels to a resolution of 1 second
  • Print reports or export to HTML for sharing with others

This software, along with the LiveNoise Supervisor, is included with all LiveNoise noise monitors. There are no annual fees or installation restrictions.

Ordering Information

All pricing and ordering information is available on the main NoiseMeters web sites.

The Reporter software usually runs on the same computer as the Supervisor software. However, it can run on other computers on the network as long as they have access to the Supervisor software's data folder.

Most noise and alarm reports can be generated over daily, weekly and monthly periods, or custom dates can be selected.

The types of reports include charts and tables of:

  • Periodic noise showing Leq, Ln, Lmax, Lmin
  • Alarms indicating high noise levels
  • Noise profile with a resolution of 1s

All reports can be printed, exported to HTML or copied into a spreadsheet or word processor program.

periodic noise report
Periodic Noise Report
high noise alarms report
High Noise Level Alarms
noise profile report
Noise Profile Report


As the software is very efficient, it will run adequately on an entry level Windows PC. To produce long term reports a faster computer is recommended, but not essential. The software does not need a dedicated computer, it will happily run on an existing machine that is running other software.


If installed on the same computer as the Supervisor software then there should be no access or network issues. If the Reporter software is to be run on a different computer, or on multiple computers, it must have access to the directory that Supervisor is saving the measurements to. This path can be set to a shared location in both Supervisor and Reporter.

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